5 Questions to Ask a Professional Mover Before You Hire Them

Moving to a new location involves making several decisions in a very short period. From selecting the right moving company to choosing a suitable moving date, there are a lot of things to sift through. With hundreds of moving companies out there, you need to ask the right questions before you settle on any company. Here are five questions you should ask.


1. Are You Licensed?

Any person who wants to offer moving services in the country must have a valid operating license. If the company offers interstate moving services, they must obtain a license number from the United States Department of Transportation. If the company operates within the same state, they should have a state license. In some major metro areas, the company might be required to have a city license as well. For example, a Brooklyn moving company needs to be licensed through New York City’s DOT. It is important you ask the company to show you proof of licensure to avoid scams and rogue movers. A license shows that the company has met all the requirements regarding ethical and operational standards.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

You need to know how many years the company has been in business. Let them tell you whether or not they have enough experience handling different moves, including your specific type of move. A good company should have at least three years of experience and be able to handle a wide variety of moves and services. Apart from the level of experience of the company, you need to know the qualification level of the staff that will be moving your belongings. Are they permanent employees or they are temporary? Has the company done a comprehensive background check on each one of them? Does the company have any specialized training programs?

3. Do You Have Insurance?

A good company should have enough insurance coverage to take care of unexpected events that might arise. The insurance should be enough to cover your belongings as well as take care of any injuries that might occur. You may also want to purchase additional insurance to cover all the items you will be transporting. Make sure you understand exactly what the insurance covers before you purchase it.

4. What are Your Payment and Transportation Terms?

You need to know how the company handles payments and transportation. You don’t want to pay in full upfront for a move or provide a large deposit if you are not sure of the company’s transportation terms. Only pay in full if the company delivers your belongings safely. If you notice anything wrong, ensure you verify that in the company’s presence. Also, this site suggests asking if the company has any restrictions on what they transport. This will help ensure the company moves all your belongings without any complications.

5. Do You Have Any References?

A good moving company should provide references. Get at least three references and ask them about their overall experience with the company. Ask them whether the company moved their items as expected and if there were any problems. Let them tell you how the company handled their questions and whether they were any hidden charges. Knowing what previous clients think about the company will help you make a wise and informed decision.


Professional Movers Tricks to Make Your Apartment Move Cheaper and Faster

Moving to a new home can be exciting, right? It’s thrilling except for the moving part. Before you break out the fancy glasses and toast the new abode, you need to pack and move all those boxes. It can take days, even weeks, to get everything ready for the big day. You will need a truck, perhaps a storage unit (if it’s a long distance move), and may need to hire packers and movers if you cannot do this yourself. How will you ever survive through all of this? Thankfully, here are five tips from Cheap Movers Phoenix (http://www.cheapmoversphoenix.net/) that can help make your apartment move easier.

1. Buy Only High-Quality Packing Materials

If you are considering going to a local dumpster to get boxes, you may want to think again. It is worth the cost to get good quality cardboard boxes that won’t break with use. Sure, you can ask your local grocery store to hold some back for you, but you need to ensure that your boxes are not contaminated, are clean, and can handle whatever you throw at them. Don’t buy that cheap packing tape either. You want a quality tape that will stick to the box. Think bubble wrap is an option? Think again. You need either packing peanuts or bubble wrap to ensure your items don’t get damaged. You will thank yourself for buying quality materials later.

2. Label Everything

Unless you have super powers, you will not be able to unpack all those boxes on the first day. Labeling each box with the exact contents will help you tremendously. If you need to find the silver wear for a late-night cereal craving, you will be glad you took the time to label. Additionally, rather than scattering boxes and praying they are in the right place, you can tag their location too. Making sure the kitchen boxes go in the kitchen will save you much time and effort.

3. Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

Your first few boxes may look like customized works of art. However, by the time you get to box number 52, you will probably be throwing dish towels in with the fish food. Remember when packing your boxes, not to overpack. Each box will have a weight limit that it can handle. If you exceed this limit, it can mean big trouble in transit.

4. Switch Utilities and Services Before You Move

You would be surprised how many people wait until moving day to try to change over their utilities, newspaper service, and cable TV. First, if you have children, you will want and need that television service. Since most cable providers also provide the internet, you could be without Wi-Fi for days. Make sure to have these matters taken care of before you move. After a long day of moving, enjoying a good show will be h helpful.

5. Recruit Your Friends and Family Members

Do you have any friends or family members that have a truck and can help? You can save a ton of money by skipping the movers and moving vans. Most friends will help you move with only a good meal for payment. Since movers can get expensive, get some strong people to help, you make light of your heavy work. If you can’t enlist the help of family and friends, consider hiring a local discount moving service.

Moving is not fun. It is a stressful and tedious process. However, you can install an app on your smartphone to keep things simplified. You can also ensure that by staying organized, you can accomplish your goals without too many headaches.


What it Really Costs to Move to a New State

Whether you’re relocating for a job or to be closer to family, the process of moving from one state to another can be expensive. To keep your expenses within reason, it’s always wise to plan and create a moving budget. The following are just a few of the expenses to keep in mind as you plan a long-distance move, along with some tips on how to reduce your moving costs.

Renting a Truck vs. Hiring Movers

If you’re planning a DIY move, be aware that truck rentals are expensive when you cross state lines. Some truck rental companies charge by the day and then they request additional funds for mileage. This could mean that you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars just to transport your belongings. You might be able to negotiate a lower rate by establishing a fixed rate for a set number of days.

Alternatively, you might want to consider hiring long distance movers. Instead of paying to rent a truck, you can play a little extra to have professionals do all the hard work of transporting your goods for you. Interstate moving companies have all the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently move your things, and you’ll be spared the headache and stress of trying to drive a huge moving truck. For the best rates when hiring movers, try to move during the off-season (October-April) and be flexible about your delivery date.

Automobile-Related Expenses

Moving to a new state means you’ll incur car-related expenses as well. In addition to the gas and wear-and-tear on your vehicle during the move itself, you’ll also be forced to register your vehicle and order a new driver’s license. Most states require that these items be taken care of within a designated time. The expenses involved in registering your car in a new state can soar into the hundreds depending on where you’re moving. Though there’s not much you can do about the expense of licensing and registration, you might want to consider having your car shipped to its destination. Sometimes the expense of gas, oil changes, and hotel nights is more expensive than flying and having your car separately transported.

Transfer of Utilities

If your new state does not have the same electric company, cable company and phone company that your old state had, you could find yourself paying a brand-new utility deposit to turn on these services. The average utility deposit is $200. You may be able to negotiate a lower utility rate if you can show the new utility company that you have paid past bills in a timely fashion.

Boxes and Packing Materials

Your boxes and your packing materials can get expensive. Just one box can cost you $2 to $5, and you’ll probably need dozens to get everything packed. Plus, you’ll also need bubble wrap, moving tape, plastic wrap, and packing paper to ensure all your things are adequately protected. To save on packing supplies, try to get old boxes from your local grocery store or beg used boxes off family and friends. If you’re hiring a moving company, they’ll likely throw in free boxes to sweeten the deal.

These are just a few moving-related costs that you’ll need to consider as you plan your move. Remember, there’s almost always a way to reduce moving expenses with a bit of planning ahead. For additional moving tips, be sure to check out the Facebook blog from our moving partners at Great Guys.


Moving Company Gives Top Reasons People Are Relocating to Texas

The state of Texas has a massive number of people moving into the state and growing its cities. According to the Office of the State Demographer, millions of Americans have poured into the Lone Star State in the last decade. Many of those moving to Texas hail from California, Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Why is Texas attracting so many people? There are lots of reasons why!

1. The Texan Economy is Booming

Texas movers note that a huge chunk of newcomers is moving to Texas simply because it has great employment opportunities. The state has seen a growth in the job market, particularly in industries like oil, technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy. The state is teeming in natural resources, leading to many business and employment opportunities. Additionally, the state has plenty of acres of farmland. Much of the state’s revenue comes from livestock, cereal crops, fishing, cotton and mineral resources. It also produces a fair amount of wind energy. Overall, Texas has the 2nd largest economy in the United States and one of the biggest in the world.

2. The Affordability of Living

The Lone Star State boasts a low cost of living, meaning it’s budget-friendly when it comes to paying for utilities, transportation, housing, and consumer goods. Land here is cheaper to buy than in most other places in the United States, making home ownership more feasible too.

3. The Lower Taxes

Texas is among seven U.S. states where residents do not have to pay state income tax. While the property tax of the state is rather high for homeowners, most taxpayers in Texas enjoy a low tax rate overall.

4. The Down-To-Earth People

Texans have a reputation for being warm, unpretentious, and easy to get along with. While many rural Texans have strong conservative values, the political views are more varied in cities like Austin and Houston. Newcomers who move to Texas are quick to realize that not all Texans fit the gun-toting stereotype. The down-to-earth nature of Texans is often what entices people to its communities.

5. Austin is Popular

The capital of Texas is experiencing an unprecedented population boom. In the early 2010s, Austin was the fastest growing city in the country. People enjoy the city for its thriving nightlife, breathtaking natural views, and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. Austin isn’t the only popular city to live in. Texas has a nice variety of cities to choose from including San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso and Fort Worth.

6. A Changing State

As the population of Texas continues to increase, its culture and demographics are expected to change. However, since the 18th and 19th centuries, Texas has attracted a melting pot of peoples from around the world, so the state is certainly equipped to deal with any changes in the future. If you too are moving to the Lone Star state, be sure to check out this site. Our partner is one of the oldest moving companies in Texas, with four convenient locations in San Antonio, El Paso, Killeen, and Austin. If you’re planning a Texas relocation, these are the guys to call!

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