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Posted by: Steve Lampen on April 18, 2012

Wow. This is turning out to be the best NAB show we've had in a long time. We received more leads in the first two days than we have had from an entire show in recent memory. And it's not just us. Every other booth seemed equally busy. It's so busy, I would not be surprised if the total attendance exceeded the magic 100,000. Of course, our popularity has been based on many things, including the three live demos we have going for new products. First is our demo of Belden 1776, a revolutionary cable. This is the strongest microphone cable we've ever made, and quite possibly the strongest ever manufactured by anyone.

At the show, we suspended a hanging chair from the cable and attached a working microphone. We've had Renee Staul, from our marketing department, and Jessie Carmona from our Mexico sales office, each sit in the chair and entice the crowd to see them suspended by a microphone cable.


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